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51 Romeo St., Moonache, NJ  07074
201-507-1980  or  201-507-1989

We sell a variety of frozen, refrigerated, canned goods
and pre-made salads wholesale
to the food service industry.
We supply the basics, the commodity items, and also try to find new and emerging products
and companies whose entry into the market will exhibit interest and niche markets.
Several of our suppliers are proud to have us as their largest buyer or master distributor.

Our product line now comprises over a thousand items in stock
and thousands more that can be ordered in a short time.

Dave's Salad House line of protein salads.

chicken salad
tuna salad
seafood salad
egg salad
pasta salad
spinach pasta salad
broccoli salad
pasta rotina salad
marinated mushrooms
health salad
four bean salad
olive mix

In addition we carry a variety of mayonnaise companies, sauces, three soup lines, pickles,
harvest baked products like crumb cake and pre made muffins. There are hams and turkeys and olives of all types.
 Salad dressings like blue cheese, caesar and italian dressing and many more are available in gallon sizes.
Cheeses are grated parmesan and romano, mozzarella, provolone and ricotta.
cocktail sauce

Family owned and operated
51 Romeo street
Moonache, NJ 07074

Fax 201-507-9001
24 hour call in line 201-507-1405

Call in / walk in:   4am to 2pm Monday thru Thursday
Friday hours are 5am-12 noon.

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